"Not all who wander are lost." -- J.R.R. Tolkien

Translation Services

Need documents translated from Thai to English? Or vice versa? I accept all manner of Thai-English translation work, including:

  • Thai birth, marriage and divorce certificates
  • Thai letters, email and other correspondence
  • Thai newspaper and magazine articles

I've translated a wide variety of other materials as well -- spa menus, song lyrics and film dialog. No job is too small but I do charge a minimum rate, either by hour or page depending on the nature of the translation. Use the Contact form to tell me about your translation needs and get a price quote. If your translation needs to be certified for legal purposes, I can arrange Thailand-licensed certification for an additional fee.

See my Resume for information on my Thai language experience. Not mentioned is the fact I graduated from the University of California at Berkeley (MA in Southeast Asian Studies) with a concentration in Thai language. After finishing university I worked as a freelance Thai translator/interpreter for several years in the San Francisco Bay Area, where my primary clients were Benemann Translation Center (acquired by RWS Polyglot in 1998) and the State of California court system.

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