"Not all who wander are lost." -- J.R.R. Tolkien


Bangkok City Guide

Bangkok City Guide, Lonely Planet Publications

"A superb and well-organized guide that has listings of shopping, restaurants, out-of-town excursions and a sampling of entertainment - from cavernous high-tech discos and seedy go-go bars to dinner theatre and shrine dancing." Vancouver Sun

Bangkok: City of Angels

Bangkok: City of Angels, Periplus Editions

Laos Travel Survival Kit

Laos, Lonely Planet Publications

"Essential reading for anyone heading to this largely unexplored Southeast Asian country." The Palm Beach Post

Buddhist Stupas in Asia: The Shape of Perfection

Buddhist Stupas in Asia: The Shape of Perfection, Lonely Planet Publications

"This is no dry academic treatise. Coupled with superb photography by Bill Wassman, Cummings's learned but accessible book enriches our knowledge far beyond such a facile purpose." The Australian

Moon Hanbdbooks Baja

Moon Handbooks Baja, Avalon Travel Publications

"Veteran or novice, on road or off, you'll appreciate the valuable detailed information Joe provides. Don't go to Baja without it!" - Hugh Kramer, President, Discover Baja Travel Club

Moon Handbooks Cabo

Moon Handbooks Cabo, Avalon Travel Publications

"Nobody smoothes the path like Joe Cummings, guidebook author supreme." - Outside


Thailand, Lonely Planet Publications

"The best guidebook by far is the Lonely Planet. It is written by Joe Cummings, who has been traveling around Thailand for more than 20 years, exploring every nook and cranny, and its material and judgements are correspondingly authoritative." Pico Ayer, Conde Nast Traveler

Chiang Mai & Northern Thailand

Chiang Mai & Northern Thailand, Lonely Planet Publications

Chiang Mai Style

Chiang Mai Style, Marshall Cavendish

Lanna Renaissance

Lanna Renaissance, Dhara Dhevi Hotel

Golden Souvenir of Thailand

Golden Souvenir of Thailand, Pacific Rim Press

Golden Souvenir of Chiang Mai & Northern Thailand

Golden Souvenir of Chiang Mai & Northern Thailand, Pacific Rim Press

Journey Through Chiang Mai

Journey Through Chiang Mai

Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar (Burma), Lonely Planet Publications

"This extraordinarily well-researched edition provides the potential traveller with details on the country's history as well as its intricate political structure." Toronto Sun

Burmese Design and Architecture

Burmese Design and Architecture, Periplus Editions

"Burmese Design and Architecture by Johni Falconer, et al, offers a perfect balance between excellent photography and enlightening commentary, which together bring alive the splendor of Burmese, Mon, Arakan and other architectural styles."

World Food Thailand

World Food Thailand,

"I devoured this tasty morsel in one sitting." Bangkok METRO magazine

Thai Phrasebook

Thai Phrasebook, Lonely Planet Publications

Lao Phrasebook

Lao Phrasebook, Lonely Planet Publications

To Asia with Love

To Asia with Love, Things Asian Press

Travelers' Tales Thailand

Travelers' Tales Thailand, O'Reilly & Associates

"Best Travel Book" gold medal -Society of American Travel Writers

I Should Have Stayed Home

I Should Have Stayed Home, RDR Books

"...Hilarious, frightening, and moving travel experiences" Midwest Book Review